Fleetwood Mac Reunion Tour Confirmed

In a very recent interview with CBS This Morning, Stevie Nicks has confirmed that Fleetwood Mac will be reuniting for a tour in 2013.

The thought has been on a lot of people’s minds since 2011 when bandmate Lindsey Buckingham begun stirring up rumours that the band would be doing something along these lines.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Nicks stated in the interview: “It’s the plan. Because that’s what we do. I do my thing, and Lindsey [Buckingham’s] out doing his thing”. This will be the band’s first tour since 2009.

Despite numerous internal disputes, Fleetwood Mac has left a permanent imprint with their career, which has seen heights few bands ever do, managing to keep the band together to this day. Buckingham has even gone as far as to tell Rolling Stone Magazine that there is the potential the band will be recording new material in the new year also.

“With Fleetwood Mac, there’s a lot of landmines out there politically and it’s hard to get everybody on the same page at the same time – but I think this might be one of those years where everyone will want to do the same thing,” the guitarist told Rolling Stone.

So fans, stay tuned for news on any future Fleetwood Mac Australian shows.

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