Florence Welch Murders Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ In Drunken Live Cover

Florence Welch has been caught on film in what surely must be one of the lowest points in her career. Of course, low points often tend to make for good viewing, in a cringey, through-the-fingers kinda way.

The English singer took to the stage at a London venue recently, minus her Machine, and performed an absolute massacre of a Daft Punk cover, merging into a slightly less painful Gossip cover, and smashing a shot of tequila in between.

The first go around involved mega hit Get Lucky. Of course, Welch gets an A+ for relevance, but despite her unbelievable pipes she gets a hard F in just about every other area. By the sound of things, she doesn’t know all the words and spends a fair portion of her time singing out of key. Choosing to cut her losses, Welch then moves on to cover Standing In The Way of Control.

At one point a member of the audience can be seen handing Welch a tequila shot, lime and all, which the songstress proudly displays for an unnaturally long period of time before downing it and throwing the shot glass over her shoulder, and carries on performing like it ain’t no thang.

It’s truly fine form and in fairness we can’t begrudge a lady a good time, which Florence most certainly is having.

Watch: Florence Welch – Get Lucky / Standing In The Way Of Control

(Via Pedestrian)

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