Flow: Cult of the Hidden Nerve, Red Tree, Sontage, Colab at Higher Ground Theatre December 12th

Flow, A monthly event featuring some of the most original local and interstate acts in Australia. Flow w eaves together a diverse range of bands and sounds into an enchanting and unique night of live music. Saturday December the 12th stands out among this prestigious series of events as a night dedicated to the exploration of some of Australia’s most sublime and unique electronic audiovisual acts:

Cult Of The Hidden Nerve finally perform to a home crowd for the first time since their East Coast debut earlier this year. They organised this audio visual show case for launching their studio album, Music for the Macrocosm.

“..COTHN walks in Dali’s fish shoes, creating surreal audiovisual art. With a view to the weird and one foot in the strange pool, COTHN seek a new plane of music on which to build towering edifices of sound, their full-time VJ adding visible light to the spectrum of electromagnetic interference pouring from the stage..” – Jesse Hayward, Musicfeeds

The Red Tree are coming from Melbourne with their enormous onstage presence of eclectic vintage instrumentation and haunting aural harmonies. Their music moves dynamically through minimalist sonic lullabies to full, realised crescendos, resulting in a captivating and melancholic yet beautiful listening experience, set before a flickering backdrop of sublimely animated projections.

Sontage are a local electronic duo, immersing themselves in the freedoms of composition, production and experimentation. They explore electronic music with an almost organic feel, and take the listener to a sensual and adventurous landscape w ith groove and atmosphere.

Colab’s creative process is audio-visual from top to bottom, with their music, visuals, films and visual art created in tandem and feeding off each other. Colab employ an array of electronics as well as instruments such as electric violin and guitar, along with visuals that blend films with digital animation, and sampled footage.

Hosted by Higher Ground

Flow, Saturday December 12th @ Higher Ground Theatre

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