Flume Covers Alessia Cara’s ‘Here’, Debuts Brand New Track

As the anticipation for Flume‘s forthcoming sophomore album reaches fever pitch levels, the Aussie wunderkid has dropped a brand new track that is yet to be titled.

Appearing live on BBC Radio 1 this morning, Harley Streten, aka Flume, chatted to Annie Mac about his live show and the new album Skin. He was joined by Kai and kicked off the set with a super faithful live version of their number one single Never Be Like You.

Following that, he debuted a brand new track that had only previously been heard in his Laneway set earlier this year. The new tune kicked off with some super twinkly, ethereal sound effects, before getting into a very laid-back vibes with some intense, darkly-tinged synth. The whole thing was topped off by some largely harmonised vocals and vocal samples.

Before kicking off his latest cut, Flume wasn’t able to give away much more about what to expect from new album Skin, but he did confirm that the new track will definitely be on the tracklisting. Mac then took listeners suggestions on a name for the new track, some of which included “Synth”, “The Fly”, “The Navigator” and “Underhand Emotions”.

As they continued to chat, Strettan gave some insights into his development as a live performer, admitting that he still tends to “hide behind the laptops” and that live performing was never something that came naturally to him. He also revealed that he now has a new desk to to perform on live, as his show continues to develop.

The final thing that Flume gave listeners was a cover of Canadian musician Alessia Cara’s 2015 single Here, with both Kai and Aussie singer Kučka on vocals. Typically, the cover was more electro-synth-sounding than the original, but here’s hoping that it becomes a part of Flume’s live show because the interplay between Kai and Kucka on vocals was simply stunning.

Listen: Flume Performs Live With Kai And Kučka On BBC Radio 1

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