Flying Lotus Currently Working On “Crazy Jazz Album”

The loyal followers of Flying Lotus might be familiar with this interesting tid bit about the producer, but for those who aren’t so well informed – the dude is somewhat of a jazz fiend. Trained in the classy art from a young age, it now seems that FlyLo is at a stage in his life where he’s ready to take on the genre headfirst.

When interviewed by Brightest Young Things, the producer revealed one of his next projects is set to be a “crazy jazz album.” After processing the news for a moment Flylo, real name Steve Ellison, was asked to elaborate on the concept to which he replied:

“Right now, I’m on my jazz shit, man. I’m doing a lot of jazz stuff. We’re trying to make something that’s kind of a geek album. There are crazy time signatures and really intense playing, just because we want to go there. We want to play really fast. It’s gonna be fun, man… At the moment, there’s a lot of people involved.”

Clash Music have pointed out that one of those “people involved” is most likely going to be jazz heavy weight Herbie Hancock after a short video was posted via Twitter showing the two, with FlyLo serial offender, Thundercat, hammering it out in the studio.

That’s about all she wrote on the jazz album so far, but you can bet once it’s ready to drop, it will do so in the standard, massive way we’ve come to expect from Flying Lotus.

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