Foo Fighters Fans Cause ‘Volcanic Like’ Tremors in New Zealand

Foo Fighters fans in New Zealand have caused tremors that were picked up on seismic monitors 1.5km and 2km away from the concert. The Foo Fighters were playing at Western Springs stadium in Auckland on Tuesday night when ‘volcanic like’ tremors were picked up by Geonet.

GeoNet recorded the first vibrations at around 7.30pm, when Tenacious D went on stage. However the largest tremors were recorded when Dave Grohl went on stage at around 8.20 pm (NZ), The weight of the fans was equivalent to about 5000 tonnes of mass moving on the earth’s surface.

GeoNet’s graphs also dip between songs and peak along with intensity of the music.

The Foo Fighters 2011 Australian/New Zealand tour is now over. The tour saw them play shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast and Auckland.

Dave has revealed today that he plans on recording material for the band’s 8th studio album in 2012

Check out photos from the Foo Fighters Sydney show

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