Foo Fighters’ Long-Lost ‘Million-Dollar Demos’ Have All Surfaced Online

As Foo Fighters legend states, The Million-Dollar Demos were the costly result of some rocky recording sessions for the band’s 2002 album One By One. A number of the demos have since leaked and been released by the band, but now the seven remaining long-lost tracks have surfaced in full.

A Reddit user by the name of Dale_Nixon has posted a URL to the Foo Fighters subreddit which links to a download of what’s believed to be the seven long-lost Million-Dollar Demos. Foos fans on Reddit believe the recordings to be legitimate, and are currently losing their minds.

Music Feeds can confirm Dale_Nixon’s zip file (below) contains seven tracks, including early versions of All My Life, Halo and Overdrive. Most of the songs are similar to their final versions, while others like Come Back (below) and Lonely As You are quite different.

As Redditor fftamahawk009 says of The Million-Dollar Demos, “11 songs were recorded. Of those, 10 were considered for the album. Of THOSE, 3 were officially released by the band (Tired of You, Walking A Line, and Normal). The remaining 7 were never officially released in full.”

This is the first time that the remaining Million-Dollar Demos have been made available in their entirety, with hardcore fans having searched for them for over 13 years.

The Million-Dollar Demos were scrapped and re-recorded in only two weeks as Foo Fighters regrouped after a lengthy tour. Drummer Taylor Hawkins was still recovering from a near-fatal drug overdose at the time, and frontman Dave Grohl had momentarily put the recording sessions on hold after they yielded mixed results.

To download Dale_Nixon’s Million-Dollar Demos files, click here.

In other Foo Fighters news, the group’s song Learn To Fly was recently covered by a 1000-person cover band, after which Dave Grohl responded in the best way possible.

Listen: Foo Fighters – Come Back (Million-Dollar Demos Version)

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