Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Says U2’s New Album “Sounds Like A Fart”

You can now add Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins to the list of people not impressed by U2‘s latest album distribution campaign for new Songs Of Innocence, or in fact of the album itself, with the drummer describing the music as sounding “like a fart”.

In a recent interview with, Hawkins criticised what is now widely accepted as U2’s ill-conceived plan to drop Songs Of Innocence straight into people’s iTubes libraries without their consent, and said the strategy invoked an unnerving “Big Brother” feeling.

“I mean, I think they probably thought it was gonna be a great idea, ‘Here’s the deal: everybody who has an iPhone, gets your record. And they get it for free!’ And they thought, probably, ‘Well that’s pretty awesome!’ but they didn’t really take into consideration the Big Brother feeling that kinda goes along with [it],” explained the drummer.

“You couldn’t get rid of it and they actually had to come up with an app to get rid of it, that’s horrible,” he added. Hawkins goes on to lament the band’s new music too, saying he listened to Songs Of Innocence once but because of all the controversy surrounding its release, his experience was marred.

“I don’t know that any of that new album has anything great on it,” Hawkins said. “I listened to it once, but it’s so marred by that whole sort of, like I said, Orwellian, 1984 extreme that it just kinda sounds like a fart any way you listen to it.”

Foo Fighters themselves have been unveiling a whole bunch of new music in the lead up to the release of their new record, Sonic Highways. Just yesterday, they dropped two new tunes Outside which features Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh and What Did I Do?/God As My Witness featuring Gary Clark, Jr.

Hawkins and Foo Fighters will be touring Australia and New Zealand next year on their Sonic Highways world tour, taking in eight venues in total. Sonic Highways the album is released 10th November.

Listen: Foo Fighters – What Did I Do? / God as My Witness

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