Kanye West Has Unleashed Three Presidential Freestyle Raps

Forbes has shared three freestyle raps from that four-hour interview with maybe, soon-to-be presidential candidate Kanye West. As well as all that other, rather unsettling, ground they covered, Ye also shared three presidential campaign freestyles with the publication.

Sharing the clips from the interview, Forbes said, “He also occasionally broke out into verse, reeling off spontaneous raps based on the topics we were discussing.”

“If I catch a vibe, I’m gonna catch that vibe,” Kanye West told the publication. Inspiring.

The first rap, titled ‘This Is What The Covid’s Made’ touches on Trump’s response to the United States’ nationwide BLM protests. Kanye raps, “How about we stop hiding in the bunkers and be a real man?”

The second rap is titled ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’. It sees Kanye reflect on the OJ Simpson case, his family’s involvement, and his take on the death penalty. “30 states still execute, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not spill, human blood for your own excuse,” he raps.

The third and final rap is ‘This Is Earth’. It sees him go on, making a bunch of rhymes before finishing on, “I told ya I could catch a vibe on this.”

Forbes replied, “I think you’ve got your campaign song there.”

“[laughs] Oh, we got way more than that,” Kanye replies.

Read the full interview at your own peril here.

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