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Adidas Under Fire From Shareholders Due to Kanye West Partnership

Shareholders at Adidas have filed a class action lawsuit against the clothing giant, claiming the brand knew about the risks of partnering with Kanye West years before they ended their collaboration. The investors allege Adidas didn’t do enough to minimise the risks and mitigate the financial losses caused by the decision to drop Yeezy after West’s offensive comments in 2022.

West caused controversy last year after a string of antisemitic and other offensive remarks – which included expressing his admiration for Hitler on Alex Jones’ show Infowars. Adidas released a statement in October that confirmed they were ending the Yeezy partnership, and labelled West’s comments “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous”.

Investors Claim Adidas Failed To Minimise Risks Of Ye Partnership

The lawsuit alleges that Adidas knew about West’s problematic behaviour a long time before the partnership ended, claiming that executives at the brand had discussed the issue back in 2018 (following West’s comments regarding slavery). There are also claims in the lawsuit that West had made antisemitic remarks in front of Adidas staff, and exhibited other problematic behaviour, which wasn’t disclosed by the brand at the time.

“Adidas was aware of Ye’s problematic behavior and failed to take precautionary measures to limit financial losses if the partnership were to end,” the suit alleges.

Adidas rejected these claims in response over the weekend. “We outright reject these unfounded claims and will take all necessary measures to vigorously defend ourselves against them,” a spokesperson told USA Today.

It’s yet another headache for Adidas, who are reportedly set to lose over US$1 billion following the split with Yeezy.

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