Former Pearl Jam Drummer Calls “Bullshit” On His Rock Hall Of Fame Snub

Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese has slammed the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame after Pearl Jam was inducted not including himself.

This year, the Hall Of Fame started choosing individual members for induction meaning that if a band receives the honour, if you’re a past member you may not be included.

It’s a pretty harsh system and Abbruzzese is upset by it, labelling it “bullshit”.

As Alt Nation reports, the drummer who was in Pearl Jam from 1991 to 1994, took to Facebook to vent saying, “The qualifications required for me to have been inducted with my former band mates certainly have been met.”

“I challenge anyone to justify why I am not worthy of a place in the history of Pearl Jam.”

While he was only in the band for a relatively short time, he did drum on Vitalogy and Vs.. Both records hit number one in the US and really drove the early success of Pearl Jam.

“The official reason given from the RRHOF makes it bullshit,” he further said.

“It make my years of hard work appear to be worthless towards the success born of the formative years of Pearl Jam. This is simply not the case. The milestones and the success obtained during my period in the band… The Grammy, AMA’s, MTV Awards, over 20 plus million albums sold. MTV Unplugged performance. SNL twice, etc. Over 275 shows.”

He went on to call the decision an “absolute travesty” and he thinks that Pearl Jam fans would agree too.

“Statistics and the opinions of the Pearl jam fans voiced on social media for the last 20 plus years will attest to that. Someone need only to pull their head out of their ass and add my name.”

He then shared a Facebook post from one of his friends that succinctly labelled it, “Rock & Roll Hall of Fucktardia”.

There are five Pearl Jam members who will be inducted. Current members Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready will be honoured alongside founding drummer Dave Krusen.

Tupac, Journey and Kraftwerk, among others, will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame in April 2017.

Listen: Pearl Jam – ‘Go’

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