FOX News Reckons The Avalanches Make Red Hot Chili Peppers “Look Like Poop”

FOX News anchor Greg Gutfeld’s inexplicable crusade against the Red Hot Chili Peppers continues, with the professional gum-flapper now asserting that Melbourne band The Avalanches make the Chilis “look like poop”.

In Monday’s episode of FOX’s right-wing propaganda machine legitimate news program The Five, Gutfield once again took aim at the Chili Peppers after co-host Eric Bolling baited him.

“You don’t like Red Hot Chili Peppers, but you do like them,” Bolling teased (transcribed by Alternative Nation), to which Gutfield replied: “[The Avalanches] make Red Hot Chili Peppers look like poop.”


Old mate then went on to dub the veteran Aussie electro squad’s new tune Subways his “favourite song of the summer”, before playing a clip of its music video live on air.

It marks the latest chapter in a saga that’s seen Gutfield refer to RHCP as “the worst band on the planet” and then correct the statement in response to a huge fan backlash by dubbing them “the worst band in the universe”.

Bassist Flea has since responded to FOX’s Chili Pepper diss-fest, giving approximately zero fucks as he zingered: “I remember seeing a poll recently that said people who watch FOX News knew less about world affairs than people who watch no news at all.”



Meanwhile, The Avalanches have yet to respond to Gutfield’s more positive comments about their music, which – let’s face it – is probably for the best.

Gutfield seems far too ~addicted to the shindig~ of bashing RHCP to pay attention anyway. As Alternative Nation points out, in last week’s episode of his own show he took yet another stab.

“I pretended to [reconcile with them], and now I hate them even more. Shirtless ageing millionaires,” he quipped.

Catch Gutfield’s “favourite song of the summer” Subways – and relive his self-proclaimed faux reconciliation with the Chilis – below.

Watch: The Avalanches – Subways

Watch: Fox News “Makes Peace” With Red Hot Chili Peppers

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