Frank Iero And The Patience Announce New EP ‘Keep The Coffins Coming’

Frank Iero has just announced that he’s set to release brand new music with his band The Patience.

The new EP will be called Keep The Coffins Coming and will be the first new music we’ll hear from from Frank Iero And The Patience since their 2016 album Parachutes. 

Iero shared a single from the record called ‘Oceans’ with his fans in advance of the release, following the horrific traffic accident involving The Patience when they were in Australia last year.

As part of the announcement, the album artwork for the new EP has been revealed. The artwork was created by Daniel P. Carter from Radio 1.

As always, any Frank Iero news breeds reunion questions about the potential for a My Chemical Romance reunion in any way, shape or form.

Don’t get your hopes too high though. In an interview last month Iero said that previous comments recently made by Gerard Way that he “wouldn’t count out” an MCR reunion were taken out of context.

Keep The Coffins Coming is due out September 22nd.

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