Frank Iero Weighs In On That My Chemical Romance Reunion Talk

My Chemical Romance alumnus Frank Iero has weighed in on his former bandmate Gerard Way’s comments that he “wouldn’t count out” an MCR reunion.

And sadly, he’s pretty much rained on the Black Parade.

In response to a fan who quizzed him about his thoughts on Way’s words to Billboard, Iero replied: “I think sometimes interviewers ask one question out of 100 about the past then use that one out of context answer to get you to click a link.”

Then, after another fan pointed out that a member of Bowling For Soup (remember them? They sang that heaps catchy song ‘1985’) had previously told peeps that MCR would be reuniting to play Reading & Leeds Festival in 2018, Iero responded: “Imagine if that’s how we chose to announce it? hahahahahahahahaha”


Sick burn on Bowling For Soup. But also, sadly, our dreams.

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