Frank Ocean And Chris Brown In All-In-Brawl At LA Studio

Is there anyone he won’t punch? According to TMZ, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean have found themselves in an all-in-brawl inside an LA studio the two both frequent. Police have apparently only just rocked up to the scene to find out what happened but, according to sources connected to Brown… Ocean started it.

Details are pretty flimsy at best at this stage but, in the words of the source, upon leaving the studio Brown and his people were stopped by Ocean and his people. It’s believed Ocean had said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.” Brown apparently went to shake his hand in ‘respect’ but Ocean’s people allegedly jumped in and it was all-out fisticuffs.

Brown was apparently at the studio checking out an artist he has signed. No word yet on what Ocean was up to, but if he was working on new material then all is more than forgiven.

Brown and Ocean have exchanged blows before – albiet digitally. The pair exchanged heated tweets previously and have a history of beef. Brown has also been accused of making homophobic remarks towards Ocean.

This isn’t the first such incident for Brown, whose career has been peppered with instances of violence. Stay tuned for more updates and some fiery tweets.

Update 18:00pm: Frank Ocean has tweeted about the incident


Photo: Frank Ocean with his dog, Everest.

Update 18:11pm: Drake is getting involved

Update 18:26: Aussie band Gold Fields get behind Frank

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