Frank Ocean Fans Are Losing Their Shit Waiting For ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

It’s the last day of July 2016 and the world is still without a follow-up to Frank Ocean‘s 2012 debut album channel ORANGE, so fans are starting to lose it because, well, it’s been widely speculated that we’d triumphantly arrive at ‘the promised land’ of albums, Boys Don’t Cry, some time this month.

Earlier in July, Ocean teased the music industry with a cryptic hint at the release date of his long-awaited new album, which had fans counting the days left in July as they crossed their fingers and toes in the hope that July would bring their pain to an end.

Now, with less than 24 hours until the clock ticks over to August in the US, fans aren’t trusting anyone or anything with any news regarding the elusive Boys Don’t Cry and Ocean’s supposed novel, and it’s getting intense.

With albums typically released on Fridays, it looks like we might need to wait a little bit longer for Boys Don’t Cry, but until then, we can share in the question on everybody’s mind — #WhereIsFrank.

Catch some of the internet’s best reactions to the end of July lack of any Frank Ocean album news below, and do your best to comfort the Frank Ocean fans in your life.

Decided to see if theres any frank ocean insiders at the microsoft HQ from FrankOcean

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