Frenzal Rhomb Apologise To Cantankerous Letter-Writer Who Called Their Show “Utterly Horrifying Filth”

In a move straight out of the Footloose playbook, a crotchety old stick-in-the-mud has penned an outraged diatribe, blasting a group of visiting rock bands for their attempt to corrupt the small town’s youth, sully the wholesome social fabric and (probably) bring forth the apocalypse.

The letter – aimed at Aussie punks Frenzal Rhomb and Clowns, who’ve been out and about on their Friendless Summer tour – was seemingly written by Ulladulla resident and apparent Business Chamber member, who slammed their live show as “utterly horrifying” and “filth”:

Official complaint from last nights show.Dear Ms Baumer,We are terribly sorry. Here's the refund for your ticket. Keep the change.Kind regards,Clowns xoxo

Posted by Clowns on Friday, 22 January 2016

The dudes from Frenzal have since apologised for any offence their “debauchery” may have caused, and promised to clean up their act in the future.

“Frenzal Rhomb would like to apologise unreservedly for our language and actions at last night’s function, both onstage and off,” the band posted on Facebook. “And promise to deliver an altogether more professional and family friendly event tonight at the Baroque Room, Katoomba, with our god-fearing fellow travellers Clowns and RED BEE. Amen. A men. A man. All the men.”

Frenzal Rhomb would like to apologise unreservedly for our language and actions at last night’s function, both onstage…

Posted by Frenzal Rhomb on Friday, January 22, 2016

Clowns, too, have apologised for their part in the brouhaha, taking to Facebook to post a copy of the complainant’s letter, along with the following response:

“Dear Ms Baumer, We are terribly sorry. Here’s the refund for your ticket. Keep the change. Kind regards, Clowns xoxo.”

The accompanying image seems to have been deleted from Facebook since it was posted, but here’s a copy showing Ms. Baumer’s “refund” (cheers to Blunt mag):




There’s also been a surge of support from Frenzal and Clowns fans, decrying the butt of Clowns’ joke for being a bellyaching old whinge-pants.

Which begs the question – what was someone like that doing at a punk show anyway?

Could Frenzal and Clowns just be trolling all of us?

Their tour promoters have declined to comment.

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