Gallery: The Best Pics Of Soundwave 2012

Update 08/08: Soundwave 2013 lineup has been officially announced! Check it out here!

With the Soundwave 2013 lineup set to be unveiled on Wednesday morning, here at Music Feeds we decided to reflect on the awesome images from this year’s epic edition of the festival.

Soundwave 2012 was headlined by System of a Down and Slipknot and featured around 90 acts, most of whom were international acts.

There were several crazy moments and highlights: ex-Guns N’ Roses axeman Slash joined Alter Bridge for a song in Sydney, Marilyn Manson was accused of getting off his face before he hit the stage in a couple of cities, and Slipknot’s drummer drummed upside down during their set.

Hatebreed got their circle pit so big, it stretched around the sound desk at Soundwave Melbourne, while HeavenShallBurn and Lamb of God were just some of the acts that called for a ‘Wall of Death’ when their mega hits played. And, organisers felt the wrath of many punters with their controversial split D-barrier system between the main stages. This was mainly put in place for Limp Bizkit, who had punters beginning fight circles no matter where they were in the park.

For the latest news updates on Soundwave 2013, and our list of who is confirmed, likely, not likely or ruled out – click here.

The Soundwave 2013 lineup will be released around 8am on Wednesday morning. Music Feeds will bring you the lineup as it breaks, as well as analysis throughout the day.

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