Game Of Thrones Season 6 Soundtrack Is Being Released On Vinyl

Game Of Thrones pirates (cc, you) rejoice, for there is now a way we can give our money back to the franchise without having to bow to the whim of Foxtel. The show’s Season 6 soundtrack will be released officially on vinyl and we’re betting the design alone is enough to sell these baby dragons out.

Composed by Ramin Djawadi, the soundtrack will run for 90 minutes and take you back to all the key moments of season 6. None of which I will go into to avoid any potential spoilers. Though already we’ve discussed the particularly stunning score Light Of The Seven which soundtracked the epic start of the season finale.

The triple-vinyl release features a series of images from the show on its gatefold as well as various house sigils etched into the actual record and, well, if that doesn’t give you a total Throner then were you even really a Thronie?

i'm ready

The soundtrack will be available across all the usually suspected formats (CD, MP3) and at this stage, the record is available on Amazon and you can even grab a nifty boxset featuring seasons 4 and 5. Although we must remind you – you also have rent and bills to pay, guys. Though I guess those things caaaan wait.

As pointed out by Digital Music News, this seems to be a growing trend of major production houses releasing soundtracks on wax. And for good reason: Many of us would have done terrible things to get our hands on Star Wars: The Force Awakens OST on vinyl.

Many of us still would…



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