Game Of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage Was In A Punk Band In The ‘90s

Peter Dinklage is undoubtedly an incredible actor, and in recent years has surged in popularity due to his role on HBO’s hit show Game Of Thrones.

As it turns out, he’s not the only cast member who has dabbled in music over the years, with Hodor actor Kristain Nair of course touring his Rave Of Thrones DJ sets over the past few years.

As NME has uncovered, Dinklage spent time as part of a punk/funk band in which he sung and played multiple instruments including the trumpet and cornet in a band called Whizzy.

“I was pretty angry back then,” Dinklage reportedly reflected on his time with Whizzy.

While unfortunately there’s no video footage of the band performing, NME have whipped up a bunch of images that are definitely worth checking out.

Be reminded of Dinklage’s singing ability below in this clip of him singing for Red Nose Day in 2015.

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