Listen To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme As An ’80s Synth Score

Here’s a new version of the Game of Thrones main theme courtesy of Giorgio Mo-Hodor. Actually, it’s by a YouTube user named LuigiDonatello, whose take on the oft-covered theme from the HBO fantasy mega-hit sounds like George R R Martin‘s beloved creation got a Miami Vice makeover.

The Game of Thrones theme has received so many renditions since the series first clasped its iron grip around the collective imaginations of the public that it’s basically a standard. Among our personal favourites have been the smooth jazz cover and a version performed by a bell tower.

The show itself has developed close ties with the music world, inviting members from bands like Coldplay and Sigur Ros to do cameos on the show, releasing an official Game of Thrones mixtape featuring artists like Common, Big Boi, and Wale, and casting Lily Allen’s brother.

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Watch: LuigiDonatello – Game of Thrones Main Theme (Super Audio Time! 1986 Remix)

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