Kiss, Live in Melbourne 2014 / Photo: Anwar Rizk

Gene Simmons Says KISS “Can’t Keep Doing This Forever” When Asked About A Farewell Tour

Gene Simmons has acknowledged that KISS will embark on a farewell tour saying that he doesn’t want to be on-stage anymore once the band has passed its prime.

Simmons told Chicago Sun Times, “There will be one at some point,” when asked about the potential of a farewell tour.

“We can’t keep doing this forever. We are the hardest-working band in show business. If [Mick] Jagger stepped into my dragon boots, he couldn’t last a half hour.”

Simmons wants to retire the band before they start to fell they’re not “valid” anymore.

“Remember, we introduced ourselves as, ‘You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world.’ Not we ‘used to be’ the best,” he continued.

The current lineup consists of Simmons, Paul Stanley, Thommy Thayer and Eric Singer. Simmons has said that they will never reunite with the original lineup but he’s since rekindled his friendship with Ace Frehely and is brining him on tour with him in Australia in August.

As Blabbermouth report, rumours of a farewell tour were sparked when the band attempted to trademark the phrase ‘The End Of The Road’.

Simmons said he knew nothing about it but Stanley eventually owned up to it saying he wanted to make sure they could use it when the time eventually came.

KISS have already attempted a farewell tour back in 2000 and 2001, even visiting Australia. They pulled a John Farnham though and returned once again, releasing two new albums and touring.

While it doesn’t sound like they’re about to announce another farewell tour, it does seem like they’re thinking about it.

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