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We Asked a Seven-Year-Old KISS Superfan to Review the Band’s Sydney Show

KISS performed at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on Friday, 26th August. Lola Jenkins, who’s seven-and-three-quarters, reviews.

I was waiting to see KISS for like two years because one year Starchild was sick and then the other year they couldn’t come. On Thursday, my daddy told me that we were going to go to KISS and I was excited because I love KISS for five years. I started loving it when I was three. And then the next day, we went to Randwick to get some KISS T-shirts and I got a really cute one and daddy got another one as well.

Lola Reviews KISS’ ‘End of the Road’ tour in Sydney

We listened to some KISS music in the car on the way there and then when we got to the concert it was a really huge place – it looked like you could play sports in there. Twenty thousand people could fit in there or something. Like two thousand. No, ten thousand people could fit in there, and most of the seats were filled up.

You know those seats where they’re not like seats that stay down, but they go up [when you stand up]? I was playing a little game while I was watching it where I take my feet off but I’m still on the chair. I was watching [support act] The Poor and I didn’t really like them because they were like, “…Aaaahhhh.” And I was like, it’s a bit too rock for me.

So, when the concert finished I got a Paddle Pop and took lots of photos with people. Like, this person really looked like Space Ace. It was a girl and everyone wanted to take photos. And there was this really funny guy in a Demon mask and I took a photo with him.

When KISS started, there was this screen thing where they were zooming in and then Starchild did a kick. I saw them coming out of their dressing room. When they played the first song, ‘Detroit Rock City’, they, like, exploded the curtains. There was lots of explosions. It was like, “Boom boom.” They came from the ceiling.

One time Starchild said, “OK Sydney, I wish I could meet all of you,” and then he did meet all of us. He just went on a zip line all the way to the side and they were singing ‘Love Gun’. And there was this one pretty creepy bit, where the Demon spat out blood and I was so grossed out and it was really creepy.

The Demon was wearing big monster shoes and shields from his feet to his shins. Starchild had really big shoes like Gene Simmons and he was wearing these flares. Not flares – he was wearing these pants with diamonds on them and then this cool silver belt. And then on his shirt he was wearing this little crop top thing, but for men.

And then Peter the Cat was wearing these leather pants and big high heels with green all over them and then he was wearing this cat necklace and this, like, little collar. And then he was wearing arm pads and wristbands and he had this little T-shirt, this little singlet, with a tiger on it. And then Space Ace had this big triangle thing on his body and little pants with stars on them, and then big long boots that are shiny.

It was a good concert. I was really excited at the start when they started to play and then when they played ‘Black Diamond’ we went because I was so tired. It was like 11 o’clock at nighttime. And I went to sleep and woke up in the morning and thought of all the great things I did that last night.

Lola caring for a sick Starchild

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