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Gene Simmons Says There Will Never Be A KISS Reunion With The Original Lineup

Guns N’ Roses are currently on a massive reunion tour with their original lineup but if you thought KISS might try the same thing, Gene Simmons has ruled out all chances.

KISS are currently touring around the US with a lineup that consists of Simmons, Paul Stanley, Thommy Thayer and Eric Singer which has been their lineup since 2004. And it looks like it’s going to stay that way.

Simmons was asked whether Stanley’s recent collaboration with ex-guitarist Ace Frehley Fire And Water means there could be a reunion on the cards and he shut it down quickly saying, “no”.

“We’ve tried that. Ace and Peter [Criss, original KISS drummer] came into the band and were thrown out three different times because of drugs and alcohol,” he told Calgary Herald (via Blabbermouth).

“I mean, how many strikes do you want? And to new fans, it means nothing. When you go see AC/DC, do you think anybody stands up and says, ‘Where’s Bon Scott?'”

AC/DC’s Scott was, of course, replaced by Brian Johnson in 1980. Johnson was the lead-singer of AC/DC until recently when he was forced to pull out of touring due to ear problems. He was replaced temporarily by Axl Rose.

The interviewer pointed out to Simmons that AC/DC fans are now asking “Where’s Brian Johnson?” but he stood with his original point.

“It doesn’t matter. The team has got to be bigger than any member in it, and that includes Paul and myself,” he said back.

I would like nothing more than on the day that we finally play our last concert that four new, deserving, young men are going to be stepping up and wearing the crown… But doing it justice, not going through the motions. They’ll know the songs, they’ll keep the personas, the personalities alive, and continue on. Why not?”

Recently Stanley also said that a reunion with Frehley is unlikely telling Phone Booth Fighting, “I don’t see it [happening].”

So, while you may see plenty of different reincarnations of KISS, there’s very little chance you’ll ever see the original lineup again.

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