Some Genius Has Recreated Drake’s ‘One Dance’ With A Nintendo Game, Vodka And A Door

Drake‘s One Dance is one of the biggest songs of the year so far and predictably there have been hundreds of covers but none better than this man’s rendition.

Seth Everman has taken it upon himself to recreate the sounds of the track note-for-note with items found around his house. He doesn’t manage to find anything that replicates Drake’s vocal but he ticks pretty much everything else off.

Using just a piano, he taps at a Nintendo 64 Zelda game, blows at bottles of vodka, shakes coins and whacks on a door to recreate the song. He layers each up until he’s completely mimicked the song.

If anything, it proves that if Drake was a little more resourceful he could save on studio costs and rather looks for things around his home to make music with.

Everman is the same genius that laid Nintendo 64 themes over Drake songs with great results. Watch the two videos below.

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