US Producer Getter Cancels His Tour Over “Disgusting” Fan Behaviour, DJs And Fans Rally Around Him

San Jose rapper, producer, and DJ, Getter (real name Tanner Petulla) has cut short his current tour, saying it will be his last.

Taking to Twitter the multi-talented artist said, “this is my last tour, over it.”

Getter made a lot of noise in the dubstep scene and is known for his track ‘Uppercuts’ under his alias artist name Terror Reid.

Latest release Visceral has widely been regarded as an autobiographical work of art and its early online reactions were mostly positive. On it, Getter says he deliberately moved away from his traditional sound and spent two years writing something completely different.

Taking the Visceral project on tour around the States, Getter was apparently booed by fans and says he even had things thrown at him.

In a devastating tweet, Getter cancelled the remaining seven dates of his tour.

“I thought this tour was an effort to make myself happy and prove to everybody that music is more than just raging on a weekend,” he writes.

“Imagine working towards something, putting in all your effort, time, and money into something that you feel could FINALLY separate you from the rest and show you DO have a purpose.

“All just to get yelled at, booed, and have shit thrown at you because it’s not the cookie-cutter bullshit they are used to.”

He finished the statement apologising to his fans and saying, “I am not happy anymore, I am cancelling the rest of the tour, I need to make myself happy, I can’t do this shit man.” Read the statement in full down below.

He even shared DMs he’d received via his Instagram story, where one person sent, “yo your set was straight trash, I’m sorry man I know you were trying something different but you completely switched it up and no one expected that.”

Now, DJs and fans have rallied around him, offering support, kind words, and encouragement. See all those tweets and statements below.

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