Go Roll Your Bones and Dark Bells play GhettoBlaster

It seems as though the people over at &Dimes promotions are going all out with this week’s Ghettoblaster, Go Roll Your Bones and Dark Bells set to play live along with art from Twitch, a collaborative exhibit from Emily Fraser and Lee Jowono, Wolfkid and Wet Lungs. Also along for the ride are &Dimes Djs Nickles, Bastien, Double Denim & Puerto Rico as well as Cries Wolf Djs and a few other yet to be announced guests.

Situated in Q Bar and 34b, this night promises to showcase a dizzying slice of Sydney’s creative scene, that will see art and music coming together to take over the venue.

To top it all off there are even drinks specials

$5 Local Beers

$6.50 GhettoBlaster Shots

$8 GhettoBlaster Buckets

What more do you want?

You can check out the facebook event here for more details

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