Gojira Sent Chvrches A Gift Box After Their Feud With Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta

Gojira have finally responded after being made the centre of a very strange feud between CHVRCHES and Hatebreed, and they have very clearly chosen their side.

ICYMI, Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta wasn’t too pleased that CHVRCHES were billed above metal legends Gojira on the lineup for Dia De Los Deftones Festival.

“Who is churches with a v and why the fuck are they playing over Gojira get tha fuuuuuck outta here have you ever heard The Heaviest Matter In The Universe you’re gonna get embarrassed off the stage lol no offense,” he wrote on Twitter.

It should be noted that Hatebreed are not even playing the festival.

However, in a new interview with NMECHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry revealed that Gojira actually gifted the band a whole lot of merch after the feud went down.

“Gojira actually sent us a merch package so we got a crap ton of Gojira t-shirts,” she said.

“That was really nice. It reflects the community and informs the community. I just didn’t understand. I was like, ‘That’s not what Deftones has ever been about.’”

She also spoke of the fan response, which was largely in defence of CHVRCHES, saying “I thought it was really cool because it just showed that kind of thinking in the metal community isn’t stood for any more.”

Dia De Los Deftones will take place on November 2nd in San Diego, California.

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