Brent Hinds Performs With Mastodon In Sydney, 28.03.15 / Photo: Ashley Mar

Mastodon Member Announces Yet Another Super Group, Says Touring With Disturbed Was “Stupid Bullshit”

Not content with releasing a sprawling double-album of metal-tinged psychedelia dealing with the grief of losing a close friend, Mastodon lead guitarist Brent Hinds is apparently starting another new side project.

The ax-man (the one with the scary head tattoo) is no stranger to collaborations, having lent his talents to projects including Fiend Without a Face, The Last of the Blue Eyed Devils, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, and Legend of the Seagullmen.

Now, he’s teaming up with riff maestro Matt Pike (Sleep, High On Fire) for what he describes as a “heavy, trippy and bluesy” new band, with a majority of the debut material held back from the recent Mastodon sessions “on purpose.”

“I wrote way more songs that I chose not to put on the [new Mastodon] album because me and Matt Pike are starting a band together and we’re gonna work an album up and I’m gonna use a lot of that stuff for that. I kinda held back on purpose,” he revealed, speaking to The Jasta Showa program hosted by Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta

Hinds went on to reminisce on Mastodon’s early tours, noting his distaste of their early runs with some of metal’s big hitters.

“I did a lot of tours I didn’t want to do though, like Disturbed and all that Mayhem stupid bullshit.

“You gotta fuckin’ open up for Disturbed. You gotta play to people that like Disturbed.”

Hinds continued; “It was the Mayhem Fest, you know, just a fuckin’ bunch of drunk Americans.

“They’re receptive to anything, I imagine. There are tons of tours I want to do, but there are most tours… our first tour for Relapse (Records) was with Dying Fetus and some other fucking band. It was horrible. I didn’t want to do that tour.” Check out the full interview below.

Mastodon’s latest epic Hushed and Grim is out now.


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