Good Guy Chance The Rapper Is Buying Up Scalpers’ Tickets To Re-sell To Legit Fans

Chance The Rapper has sacrificed his own bank account for the sake of his fans, splashing out on thousands of tickets that were being hocked by scalpers.

Doing the financial equivalent of jumping in front of a bullet to save his loved ones from fiscal death, the acid rapper bought up no less than 2,000 tix for his own Magnificent Coloring Day Festival in Chicago, which had been put back on the market for jacked up prices by lowlifes looking to flog them for a profit.

In doing so, the 23-year-old MC has been the saving grace for scores of fans who missed out on Admit 1’s to his sold-out event, which features performances from the likes of Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, Skrillex, Alicia Keys, John Legend and more.

“I took back almost 2k #MCD tix from fuckboy scalpers and made them into physicals. And these are just floor seats,” he tweeted, alongside a picture of the ticket haul (below). “That shit gotta be historic.”

And those 2K tickets disappeared fast, too, with Chance since tweeting that the festival has again sold-the-fark-out.

In conclusion, roses are red, violets are blue, scalpers are dicks, Chance The Rapper is a mad dog and you can catch him performing live over the New Years period when he comes Down Under for Beyond The Valley, Origin NYE and Field Day.

Also, we suck at rhymes.




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