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Image for Gorillaz Join Instagram, Tease Something Big With Career FlashbacksImage: Jamie Hewlett

Gorillaz Join Instagram, Tease Something Big With Career Flashbacks

Written by Zanda Wilson on September 21, 2016

Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn‘s animated musical project Gorillaz has joined Instagram, uploading a whopping 27 posts overnight reflecting back on the band’s career, and teasing something pretty big.

This latest embracing of social media saw the band’s Instagram and Twitter accounts uploaded a timeline of posts starting with the year 2000, moving through short snippets of tracks, their 2001 MTV Awards acceptance speech, and text-based posts with dates on them.

They also posted YouTube and Spotify links for plenty of their tracks, and updated their website to be a playlist of all their music videos. The final post was simply a grey image reading, “THE_END, Until next time.”

Whether all this means anything specific for the release of a new Gorillaz album is anyone’s guess, but likely it’s just an effort to round up the band’s wider audience by invoking nostalgia of the group’s hey-day in the 2000s.

We were initially expecting a new Gorillaz album this year, but in June Hewlett said they’d rejigged the timeframe and 2017 would be the time to expect new music from the group.

What we do know about the new album thus far is that Vic Mensa has collaborated on it, as have Snoop Dogg and De La Soul.

Check out some of the recent Instagram posts by Gorillaz below, as we wait for more good news to come.

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