Gossip Singer Beth Ditto Arrested Outside Bar, Screams ‘Obama!’

Beth Ditto, frontwoman for dance rock outfit Gossip, has found herself on the wrong side of the law after being arrested for disorderly conduct outside a bar in Portland, Oregon, reportedly screaming ‘Obama!’ in the process.

As reported by the Portland Mercury, Ditto was drinking at the Bungalo Bar before being denied service. According to an eyewitness it was at this point the inebriated singer left the bar and managed to catch the attention of police officers by kicking off her shoes and throwing off her purse while shouting, “OBAMA! OBAMA!”

Another eyewitness posted their account of events on Reddit and pulls no punches, claiming that Ditto kicked a bartender:

“I had no idea who this girl was before I went out tonight. By 1:30 Beth was completely blackout drunk challenging people to fights.
My friends and I headed over to the Bungalow from the Alibi only to be met with Beth’s belligerent asshole posse. We got our drinks and went out to the back, only to hear her and her friends breaking shit. Obviously I started laughing from the shenanigans.
“Wot, are you trying to say you’re smarter than me?” (horrible fake British accent)
“My friends and I are trying to enjoy our drinks. Please leave us alone.”
Fifteen minutes later she was arrested for being a complete fucking cunt. The bartender called the police because she kicked him in balls.
Beth Ditto, apparently you live in Portland. Go fuck yourself.”

As stated in Ditto’s arrest sheet, the Gossip vocalist was taken into custody at 12:56 AM on 3/16/2013, booked by 1:42 AM and released on her own recognizance.

For her efforts, Ditto was charged with the Class B misdemeanor of second degree disorderly conduct, which carries a possible US$2,500 fine and 6-month jail sentence.


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