This ‘Got Talent’ Contestant’s AC/DC Cover Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

As we all know, 99.9% of the time reality TV talent shows are a bland mix of tear-jerking backstories, motivational speeches from self-congratulating judges who are in no position to be giving anyone else musical advice, and a conveyor-belt of mediocre if not trainwreck-bad karaoke style performances.

But every now and then, a contestant comes along who does something truly mind-blowing. Case in point: this 10-year-old metal prodigy who just missed out on winning Australia’s Got Talent.

Just as, every now and then, a contestant comes along who makes you pause for a couple of minutes after their performance has ended wondering blankly to yourself “DAFUQ did I just watch?”

And that’s how you’ll probably react to the below clip of Cristina Ramos’ recent audition for Spain’s Got Talent.


She belts a heavenly opera before tearing off her skirt and grinding out a way OTT performance of Acca Dacca‘s Highway To Hell and Oh Em Gee you guys the judges are like TOTES blown away and stuff!

But is it any good?

Look, the lady is clearly talented. But whether or not you dig this is going to be entirely down to your own personal taste.

Meanwhile, AC/DC still haven’t unveiled the identity of the guest vocalist who’ll be subbing in on their remaining Rock Or Bust world tour dates, after Brian Johnson was ordered by doctors to stop touring immediately or risk permanent hearing loss.

Watch Ramos’s take on Highway To Hell below, and see if you reckon she deserves a spot on our list of The 12 Best Candidates To replace Brian Johnson In AC/DC.


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