Gotye Responds To ‘One-hit Wonder’ Claims

Gotye has posted an amusing tweet in response to journalists who continually ask if the Melbourne musician is concerned about being defined as a ‘one-hit wonder’ after the enormous success of his massive single Somebody That I Used to Know.

To Australian fans familiar with Gotye’s music, such assertions probably seem out of line. Album tracks and singles such as The Only Way, Coming Back, Hearts a Mess, Eyes Wide Open and I Feel Better have all left their mark in the Australian alternative music scene. However, none of these tracks have come close to the global impact made by Somebody That I Used to Know

For his part, Gotye doesn’t appear to be upset by repeated ‘one-hit wonder’ questions. As seen in the tweet below, whenever the subject is broached, Gotye is reminded of a skit about Johnny Mandel (the guy who wrote the theme for M*A*S*H) by musical comedy trio Tripod.

Tripod responded to Gotye’s tweet, claiming that they feel a little guilty about labelling Mandel as a ‘one-hit wonder’ as Mandel had numerous hits.

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