Grimes Binned A Whole Album Because It Was “Depressing”

Electro-pop oddball Grimes has revealed that she scrapped a whole album’s worth of material, labelling it “depressing.”

Taking to her Tumblr to defend herself against reports she binned an album because of a negative fan-reaction to her Rihanna-rejected track Go, Grimes wrote, “The album was scrapped cuz it was depressing and I didn’t want to tour it. I may release it one day,” adding that this all happened before Go was even released.

“I honestly never ‘ditched an album due to negative fan reaction to go.’ Go did really well imo. obviously some people didn’t like it as it was different from my other material, but isn’t that the point of collaborations/ trying to write for other artists?” she wrote.

“I throw out music all the time, i have almost 1000 gigs of unreleased music on my hard drive.”

The good news to come from this is that there is definitely new Grimes music on the way and that she wants the new album “to be as good as possible.”

There’s unlikely to be any leaks of the new music soon as Grimes claims that only four people in the world have heard the music for the follow-up to 2012’s Visions.

She ended the post writing, “ps another new song i made w my friend jack for HBO’s girls coming out this sunday!” True to her word, the song titled Entropy, made in collaboration with Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers was released over the weekend as Girls aired in the US. Listen to the track below.

It’s the second song we’ve heard from Grimes in under a week after she released the demo REALiTi. The song is taken from “the lost album” – as she described it on her Tumblr.

REALiTi was never meant to be officially released, however, after the positive reaction to the track online, Grimes took to Twitter to announce she would “consider” the track for her new album, though she ultimately feels that she has “better”.

Listen: Grimes & Bleachers – Entropy

Watch: Grimes – REALiTi


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