Groovin The Moo Has Launched A Group To Help Your Find Your Festival Crush

Festival romances can be fleeting but Groovin The Moo wants to help that love last with a recently launched group.

The festival organisers have started a Facebook group with the intention of reuniting those who fell in love at the festival without getting a name or a number.

“It’s come to our attention that many people both find and lose their crushes all in one day while at GTM,” they wrote on Facebook announcing the group.

“So we put a call out to see how many of you this happened to and whether you’d want us to start this group and the results were huge! So, here it is! A place to reunite lost loves!”

The group has been firing for a few days now and it’s already amassed nearly 3,000 lovers.

There are plenty of great stories of fleeting festival romances. Like one punter who danced with “Lemmy or Remy” for a good two hours. He’s since been tagged by a friend in the group, however, we’re not sure of the status of their budding romance.

There’s another girl who is worried she gave the potential love of her life the wrong number after they danced to Ball Park Music’s ‘Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You’.

You can join the group here if you met someone at the festival that you’ve since lost. There are some beautiful stories in there, the sort that you’d want to tell your kids about in years to come.

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