‘Guitar Hero’ Gets Connected In The Revamped ‘Guitar Hero Live’

It’s time to gather your mates and channel your inner rockers again, Guitar Hero has been resurrected and there’s a few changes to the popular game this time round.

The revamped game, now dubbed Guitar Hero Live, features two modes – one a live version that allows you to play from a first-person view along with real life screaming crowds in a variety of venues, and another called “GHTV” that’s being billed as “the world’s first playable music video network”.

A video demonstrating the first-person live mode (below), demonstrates this new first-person perspective. In the player’s sights are the stage, fellow band members and the crowd who reportedly react in real time, with cheers and even boos, depending on your performance. The pressure is on.

Then, using the GHTV mode, gamers can play along to official music videos for songs across multiple genres and also challenge other players online. A tracklist from the game’s library is yet to be released, but creators have confirmed it will feature songs by artists like My Chemical Romance, Green Day, The War On Drugs, Gary Clark Jr., Skrillex, The Black Keys, Fall Out Boy, The Rolling Stones, The Killers, Blitz Kids and more.

Some of those artists even tested out their game skills at a recent launch event. Videos can be seen below of ex-My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz facing off against opponents on their own songs.

Guitar Hero enthusiasts will also notice in these video that the new guitar/controller is a little different than previous versions of the game. This time the guitar has two rows of three buttons, instead of five buttons in a row down the neck. Developers say the new-look controller makes the game “easier to pick up yet more challenging to master.”

Reports Rolling Stone, beginners only use the bottom three buttons, medium-level “play two-row combinations that mimic real chords” and experts “have a new challenge in creating complex chord shapes and finger combinations.”

The game will be available on PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, Nintendo Wii and even mobile devices later this year. Get hyped.

Watch: Official Guitar Hero® Live Reveal Trailer

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