Guns N’ Roses Invite Mexican Fans On Stage To Smash Donald Trump Piñata

Guns N’ Roses have proven they’ve still got an Appetite For Destruction, at least when it comes to US President elect Donald Trump.

The veteran riff-slingers have been vocal about their distaste for The Donald and his double talkin’ jive throughout his entire election campaign, with Axl notably tweeting criticisms at the country’s new Combover-In-Chief and changing the lyrics of Civil War to “Look at the fear Trump’s feeding” in several recent live performances. And now, they’ve taken their frustrations to the next level.

Performing in front of a crowd of Mexican fans (you know, the people Trump’s trying to build a wall along the US-Mexican border to keep out) GnFnR unveiled a giant Trump piñata and proceeded to invite punters up on stage belt the living Brownstone out of it.

“Express yourself however you feel,” Axl Rose told a group of fans armed with baseball bats, who began smashing the grotesque effigy to smithereens.

Watch fan-shot footage of the whole thing below, and ICYMI, Gunners are bringing their Not In This Lifetime reunion tour to Australia next bloody February.

Anyone got a spare Pauline Hanson piñata?

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