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Watch Dave Grohl Rip Through ‘Paradise City’ With Guns ‘N’ Roses Live On Stage

Guns ‘N’ Roses have surprised a crowd in Oklahoma by bringing Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl up on stage.

Grohl played guitar and sang backup on the Appetite for Destruction track ‘Paradise City’.

Frontman Axl Rose told the crowd Grohl, “just happened to be passing by,” and he wasn’t lying either. Foo Fighters were also scheduled to play at the same stadium this week as part of their ‘Concrete & Gold’ tour.

Jumping on stage is yet another favour that Grohl has done for the band. He previously lent Rose his throne when he broke his foot. Grohl had previously been using it to perform with a broken leg and the timing worked out well.

On stage rose called Grohl, “a lifesaver,” likely referring to the throne.

After lending him the throne, Grohl watched Rose perform on it and decided that it was, “the most ridiculous fucking idea,” as he told Rolling Stone.

The pair have both recovered from their broken bones and appear very able in this performance.

Guns ‘N’ Roses toured in Australia earlier this year while Foo Fighters have announced a 2018 tour. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we’ll get a repeat of this moment down-under anytime soon.

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