Guns N’ Roses Reportedly Request “Silky Smooth Toilet Paper” & A Real Toilet In Their Rider

In case you needed further proof that the 2018 news cycle has gone to complete and utter shit, Guns N’ Roses‘ rider at UK’s Download Festival reportedly included a request for a porcelain toilet.

A source told The Mirror that the rock legends, who headlined the festival with a massive Saturday night set, said that the band had some pretty odd requests for their rider.

“When organisers of Download got Guns N’ Roses’ requests they were gobsmacked,” the source said. “It is the biggest rider the festival has ever seen, they have never seen anything like it. But they made sure it was exactly as they wanted.”

The rider allegedly included flown-in Hershey bars and “extra cheesy pizzas” (???). One of the band members must be lactose intolerant, because they also reportedly asked for a porcelain toilet and “super silky smooth toilet paper” to be available for them.

Outlandish requests? Perhaps. But, considering The List is reporting that the band was paid almost $9 million AUD to perform, had a backstage area the size of a football field and left the festival shortly after their mega performance in a helicopter, maybe it’s not so outlandish in comparison.

Guns N’ Roses are set to re-release their debut album Appetite for Destruction on Friday, 29th June, with 49 unreleased songs.

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