Guttermouth Frontman Blames Mysterious Drug For Train Wreck Performance

Currently in town for what must be the 400th – and is definitely the last – time, Guttermouth have brought the wrong kind of attention on themselves after a train wreck of a performance at Victoria’s Ferntree Gully Hotel on Sunday, 11th August.

Punters on the night have labelled the show an absolute disaster, with several taking to the band’s Facebook page to rage, one describing the gig as “a fuckin joke”, others noting how frontman Mark Adkins was “slurring words, missing lines, falling over” and that many in attendance left in disgust less than 30 minutes into the set. The below photos give a good indication of what was on display on the night.

The events have prompted the band’s frontman Mark Adkins to confess that his poor form was on account of a mysterious medication prescribed by a member of the audience, though he’s stopped short of explaining similar behaviour from his bandmates.

Adkins has explained to that, while he can never excuse what went down at the show, he can somewhat explain it:

“When I flew in, my first two shows were flawless, just perfect. I was a little bit under the weather and some punter had some cold medicine – I don’t know what kind of medicine it was – I had some drinks and I don’t remember squat.”

Adkins adds that while he isn’t proud of the reasoning, it’s the whole truth and nothing but:

“It’s a shitty cop-out, but that 100 percent the truth right there. I woke up just not even knowing what has gone on here. The [Guttermouth] guys considered taking me to a physician afterwards; they were generally worried about my welfare.”

The vocalist, who has performed in front of Australian crowds dozens of times did continue to say that he won’t be accepting drugs from strange people again anytime soon, and was quick to point out he simply isn’t qualified for that:

“I’m not a pharmacist! And I had no reason to discount someone’s goodwill. But, yeah, full blackout mode. It’s almost like a roofie or something, it’s terrifying! You lose a little trust in your fellow man. It’s humiliating and embarrassing that it happened, but it won’t happen again, believe me. Lesson learned.”

For now, Adkins has put the show down to a learning experience and will move on to show he’s still got it rather than dwell on his mistakes:

“I do apologise to the people for that, but I was kind of a victim of circumstance and I’ve gotta move on. If there was a way I could make it up to people, believe me, I’d do it in a second. I apologise to the people who didn’t get the normal Guttermouth delivery; that bothers me more than anything.”

Despite the explanation, and the apology, there’s no still accounting for why guitarist Dave Luckett stumbled and fell off stage during the same performance. Several punters have surmised that the pair were drunk, though it’s possible that both Luckett and Adkins both took the same mystery medication for similar ailments.

Guttermouth will be performing a show in Tassie tomorrow before making their way back to mainland Australia.

Gallery: Guttermouth – Ferntree Gully Hotel, 11/08/2013

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