Nine Inch Nails Finally Perform ‘The Perfect Drug’ Live For The First Time

It’s an exciting time to be a Nine Inch Nails fan. The band have finally, finally, performed ‘The Perfect Drug’ live, after over two decades following its release.

The song, a single from the soundtrack from David Lynch’s 1997 film Lost Highway, has been wildly popular with fans since its release, and as often been the subject of discussion between both the fans and the band itself.

But Trent Reznor and co. finally gave the song its live debut earlier this week in Colorado’s Red Rock Ampitheatre.

In 2005, according to Rolling Stone, Reznor that he wasn’t exactly fond of the song.

“I’m not cringing about it, but it’s not my favorite piece,” Reznor reportedly said. “If they said play me, y’know, the top hundred songs you’ve written, that probably wouldn’t be in the top hundred.”

He apparently also noted that the drum solo, which is intense to say the least, would be too hard to perform live.

The song was widely successful upon release, with the video earning five MTV Video Music Award nominations.

Watch the performance below.


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