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Image for Guvera Adds 7 Million Tracks To Streaming Catalogue, Puts Indies Front And Centre

Guvera Adds 7 Million Tracks To Streaming Catalogue, Puts Indies Front And Centre

Written by Sarah Bella on August 20, 2013

Aussie owned and operated music streaming service Guvera have just added an extra 7 million tracks to their catalogue, quadrupling their ever-expanding range to include more local indie content and providing unlimited free streaming for the discerning music lover.

If your tastes range into the more boutique end of the music spectrum, Guvera’s got you well and truly covered, with a tonne of content from Aussie and international indie labels and distributors like Liberation Music, Valleyarm, Orchard and INgrooves supplementing music from all the Australian majors.

Guvera is also the only streaming service in Australia that offers free streaming options for web, mobile and tablets – no monthly fee for ad-supported music on the go! Of course, there’s also a Platinum package available which gives you all the bells and whistles and nixes those ads good and proper.

The team recently adopted a brand-new user interface as well, with their super-sexy web portal now making it even easier to create your own playlists and download tracks for offline playback, and the new search function is lightning quick.

We’ve just put together a Guvera playlist celebrating the recently announced Meredith Music Festival 2013 lineup, featuring all the acts we can’t wait to see, including Chic, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Deerhunter. If you want to join us in getting that pre-festival vibe just right, and also have a taste of what Guvera’s doing right now, have a listen to our selections right here.

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