Hacker Attacks Musicians’ Websites For “Ignoring My Emails”

A hacker calling themselves Ethical Dragon has reportedly been attacking the websites of musicians and celebrities, including Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Linkin Park, and comedian Joe Rogan. As well as tweeting about the hacks, they chided the artists for ignoring their emails.

As HLN reports, Justin Timberlake’s official website went down Thursday evening, with the welcome page replaced by a black screen that read, “Don’t ignore my emails” with a contact email address. Timberlake’s Twitter account reportedly sent out a tweet reading, “Hacked by Ethical Dragon.”

Meanwhile, Ethical Dragon also announced on a purportedly self-owned Twitter account that Beyonce’s website had been attacked, though it quickly recovered. The tweet contained a link to the Zone H archive which featured a screenshot of the message left on after the hack.

A Reddit user named Arthulia42 discovered the intrusion on Linkin Park’s official website, which has also since recovered, while Ethical Dragon’s personal Twitter account again directed users to the attacks on Joe Rogan’s website and the site of popular US singer-songwriter Sara Bareille.

While there aren’t any screenshots or archived pages of the hack on Bareille’s site, a series of irate responses to Ethical Dragon’s tweet seem to corroborate the hacker’s claim, while a screenshot of the attack on Rogan’s site has been shared on the Mixed Martial Arts UnderGround forum. Rogan affiliate Brian Redban has become the first affected party to issue a response to Ethical Dragon.

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