Justin Timberlake Was Slapped By A Fan At A Golf Tournment

A fan has been arrested after he slapped Justin Timberlake as he was taking part in the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am golf tournament in the US over the weekend.

TMZ captured footage of a crowd member taking his hand to Timberlake’s face as he walked through the crowd. After he was slapped, Timberlake turned to the audience member and said, “Bro, why would you do that.”

Apparently the man was just trying to touch the popstar but he became “overzealous.” Police attempted to remove the man from the grounds but he reportedly refused to leave and was arrested for disorderly conduct.

The tournament and Timberlake decided not to press charges but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t annoyed. He gave the fan very vicious eyes before he walked away and now the slapper will have to live the rest of their lives knowing they infuriated one of the nicest guys in pop.

It’s unknown if the slapping incident affected Timberlake’s golf game or not. Judging by this Twitter video though, he was having a great time golfing to Sexy Back.

Watch the slapping incident below.

Watch: Justin Timberlake slapped at golf tournament

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