Haim Say Album Number Two Is “Coming Very Soon”

Haim say their sophomore record will be in the hands of eager fans before they know it. According to the sisterly trio, whose 2013 debut, Days Are Gone, was one of the most highly anticipated and subsequently acclaimed albums of the year, they’ve already begun work on the new album.

“This is the first time we’ve ever written on the road,” explained singer and guitarist Alana Haim whilst speaking to BBC 6 Music at Glastonbury Festival (via Rolling Stone). “We’re going home in a month to start recording. I promise record two won’t come in six years – it’ll come very soon.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone earlier this year, the band said they were looking to “get [their] inner Kanyes out” on album number two. “I have yet to see Kanye not put out an amazing record – and people don’t understand how hard that is,” said Alana. “To make record after record and come out with something new and push the boundaries and have it succeed every single time is insane.”

“If I could choose any brain to just chill in, for, like, 10 minutes, it’d be Kanye’s. I just want to see what goes on up there. Because he’s a genius,” she added. And though her latest comments may have fans expecting the trio’s second album in a matter of months, they might want to tap the breaks. Alana noted to RS that she and the band are “pretty much the biggest perfectionists.”

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Photos by Annette Geneva

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