Lorde’s New Album Is Being Held Back By Ghosts In The Studio

Lorde says that sessions on what will inarguably be one of the most highly anticipated sophomore records in recent memory are being delayed by supernatural elements. According to the New Zealand songstress, a “ghostly hum” is permeating demo sessions and preventing recording.

“We had a great day,” she told Triple J. “Although, we couldn’t record anything because there was this ghostly hum in all of our mics. Everything we tried, nothing [worked]. It was like, the universe does not want me to be here. I didn’t yell but I definitely gave it a little tap, and said: ‘naughty mic.'”

Though currently in the middle of an Australian tour, Lorde says she’s squeezing in writing sessions whenever she can, but ghostly hums continue to trail her. “I bought some vintage Casiotone synths, and I’ve been playing around with those. I can take them on the plane and stuff. I’m always on the plane and I open up my Photobooth because that’s the fastest way to record something,” she said.

“And I’m just hunched over my laptop, humming. And I listen to it off the plane and I can’t hear anything because it’s so loud. More ghostly hums! They’re keeping me from doing my thing,” Lorde continued. And it’s not the first time she’s bemoaned the persistence of these wretched spirits.

The singer recently took to Twitter to complain of “ghosts in the studio [who] don’t want us to record” and were “leaving their ghost hum on everything.” Hopefully Lorde will find a ghost hunter soon and get back to working on her new album, which she’s said will be “totally different” to her debut.

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Photos by Annette Geneva

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