Halsey Has Been Beefing With Fans Of Gerard Way’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ On Twitter

Like many of us, Halsey has been binging Gerard Way‘s The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. But not quickly enough, apparently.

The anti-popstar recently took to Twitter to empathise with the character of Luther and question why fans of the show have been so brutal to him online (thus making is painfully obvious that she hadn’t finished watching the whole series yet):

Naturally, this triggered a massive stacks-on from fans who have finished watching the whole series and Halsey began beefing with them all individually in her misguided defence of that scumbag Luther:

Later, after Halsey finally caught up to everyone else on The Umbrella Academy, she hit Twitter again to announce that she’d now seen the error of her ways:

To cap it off, the singer then jokingly blamed the My Chemical Romance frontman (who, ICYMI, created the series in comic book form before it was adapted for the screen by Netflix) for the whole debacle:

We’re sure she’d forgive him if he reunited My Chemical Romance though, just sayin’.

In other news, The Umbrella Academy has just been renewed for season 2. Keen!

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