Handwritten Bruce Springsteen ‘Born To Run’ Lyrics Sell For $197K At Auction

Lyrics to Bruce Springsteen’s 1975 hit Born to Run, handwritten by the Boss himself, have sold on auction in New York Sotheby’s for $197,000. The opening bid was $40,000, and offers quickly intensified through online, telephone and eager in-person bidders.

The buyer of the manuscript remains anonymous, but the auction house said the the page had once belonged to Springsteen’s manager at the time, Mike Appel. He sold it to a collector, who sold it’s most recent owner.

The New York Times reports (and die-hard Brucey fans can probably verify), many of the lines in this version didn’t appear on the final version of the song. Still the manuscript, said to have been penned in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1974, is an example of Springsteen’s creative process.

Not only does it show a blue-inked 30 lines in the Boss’s neat cursive handwriting, but also has notes added in the margins and above some of the lyrics. Lines on in the manuscript that made the final cut include “This town’ll rip (out your) the bones from your back, it’s a suicide trap (rap)” and of course, “take my hand cause tramps like us baby we were born to run.”

While the Boss came on top with the highest bid, he wasn’t the only rock star to feature in Sotheby’s auction of Fine Books and Manuscripts. Forbes reports, The auction also included a 1967 handwritten letter from John Lennon that went for $18,000 and three of Mick Jagger’s 1965 love letters ($8,000).

Bruce Springsteen is heading back to Australia for part two of his Wrecking Ball tour next February having recently added new shows in Perth, Adelaide and the Hunter Valley.

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