Harambe Is The Latest Superstar To Get The Festival Hologram Treatment

US Festival Day For Night Festival managed to find Aphex Twin to play in America for the first time since 2008 but they’ve got an even larger miracle up their sleeves.

They’re going to bring a hero taken far too soon back to life, for one night only. Cincinnati Zoo’s finest Harambe, who was shot in May after a three year-old climbed into his enclosure, will come back to life as a hologram following in the footsteps of Tupac and Whitney Houston.

Fittingly, Harambe has received a barrage of tributes since he was taken from this world leaving a gaping whole in all of our hearts. Young Thug named a song about him and CHVRCHES dedicated a song to him but this is definitely his biggest tribute yet.

Hologram Harambe is surprisingly not headlining the festival but he’s joined by the likes of Blood Orange, Run The Jewels and Thundercat.

The Fat Jewish has also announced that Harambe’s ghost will DJ The Fat Jew IRL Festival but, to be honest, Harambe deserves holograms and if you’re not going to give him that why bother putting him on a bill?

Day For Night festival is in Houston and will go down in the middle of December.

RIP sweet prince.

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